Sophie Monet

A friend and a fellow female founder, Sophie Monet turns natural elements into must have jewelry staples. Based in Venice, the jewelry line is reflective of Sophie’s personal life surrounded by palm trees and spending her childhood in her father’s wood shop. We are so thrilled to include her line on our website that focuses on sustainably, handcrafted pieces made locally in Venice. 




To you, Marysia is…

To me, Marysia is a fierce female founder. She’s equal parts beach and city. She’s an inspiration for building a namesake business and pursuing a dream. She’s a fellow westsider who expresses her love of the beach in an entirely unique way.

What is your favorite Marysia piece?

I spend a lot of time thinking about sustainability with my own collection so I was instantly drawn to the Swim Clean collection. The Antibes Maillot one-piece is a silhouette I’ll never tire of.

Why did you start your brand?

I started Sophie Monet Jewelry because I’d always had an interest in jewelry. I’d grown up watching my father work in his woodshop making conceptual pieces of art and I knew I wanted to create something that brought that into my own creative space. Crafting jewelry allowed me to pursue my passion in a medium that made so much sense for me and the world I’d grown up in.


Where do you gain inspiration from?

It’s cliché, but I really do draw inspiration everywhere. Especially right now, a lot is coming from the outdoors and walks—flowers, landscapes, architecture. I’m a sucker for mid-century architecture and pieces of furniture and so I’ll comb through archives looking for something to catch my eye. And art, always art, whether it’s something my father has created or a new piece I’d never noticed before in a (virtual) museum visit.


How is it working closely with family?

Working closely with my family has been a dream—and the only thing I’ve really ever known. We each have our own dedicated area within the space so we can keep our heads down if needed but it ends up being a collaborative environment, which is what I really thrive in. We’re all so dedicated to the others success that it’s been incredible to have my family as my coworkers.


What is your favorite Sophie Monet jewelry piece at the moment? How would you style it? 

My favorite SM piece has been—and will always continue to be—our signature large pine hoops. I wear mine daily and they’ve become so recognizable and synonymous with the brand. They make me a bit nostalgia for what I’ve been able to grow from those first pairs. The best part about them is wood really is a neutral and so they go with everything from jeans to dresses—and the color pops really beautifully against almost any hair color. I’m also incorporating more new shapes and I’m crushing on the new maple wood heart designs.


How does your brand practice sustainability?

My brand practices sustainability in that I typically work with recycled or scrap wood. There is so much wood and my jewelry tends to use so little that it makes sense for me to work with what others haven’t used. I do this all the time with my father and so a larger amount of wood can satisfy both of our products. I never do any extensive stains or use chemicals, and do all of my shaping by hand. I keep sustainability in mind with everything I source and everything I design.

Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

My best advice would be to try and go with the flow (at least as best you can). There are so many unexpected things that you can’t even begin to account for when beginning your business (Covid being just one example). You have to ride the waves and be able to pivot on a dime.