Meet the fearless Shannon Vaughn–a mother, entrepreneur, and the founder of Pursoma. Pursoma is our newest addition to our clean beauty selection and aims to help others reclaim healthier lives by detoxifying, rejuvenating and soothing the body from the inside out. Take it from someone who took 325 baths just last year–the Pursoma ritual “bathtime to bedtime” is the ultimate way to cleanse, rest and recharge.



Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am an aspiring millennial who is really Gen X and just envious of the tech skills of all millennials. I own a female-founded and operated beauty wellness brand, Pursoma. I took 325 baths last year which kept my anxiety at bay. If i don’t meditate daily, I probably should not be around the human race. I love homemade green juice, nature, being an entrepreneur, and finding solutions to live a healthy, happy life in a modern world and LOVE sharing that with others. I am curious to a point that it becomes dangerous, and I am willing to try any wellness trend that will help me avoid getting lines at rest (aka wrinkles). I want to age with ease, stay fully hydrated, and teach others how to do the same. 


What inspired you to start your brand?

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that was affecting my reproductive system and was facing future failure to be able to have a healthy pregnancy. I really wanted to feel better and know that I could have the opportunity to be a birth mother. I felt that medication and the sad look from the doctor who just said that severe monthly cramps, cysts, and a host of other issues were normal were just not enough for me, so during a 45-day cleanse I discovered detox bathing. This was an important component of my physical healing, but it also calmed me, helped me relax, reduced my anxiety and gave me a full and deep night’s sleep. Bathing for me is the equivalent of soaking away the day’s problems – getting out of the tub gives me a feeling like I have been reborn. 

How does your company practice sustainability?

The first and primary focus for Pursoma’s sustainability program or as I have always referred to it – “our eco vision” – was to source our ingredients from natural sources so that when we grew we would not disrupt the ecosystem of that ingredients’ environment. Knowing we could harvest as much natural sea salt and clay as we needed and it would not hinder the natural production cycle of the material or the people that were harvesting it was a win-win. The goal was that it would improve the lives of everyone associated with our growth (e.g. provide jobs and not impact the farms, seabeds, or people negatively). I find so much green-washing around this topic and it’s disturbing that some brands focus a lot on one topic of sustainability but overlook the larger issues, like their supply chain. Additionally, we are moving to compostable packaging as well as a refill model over the next few years, taking each step in a thoughtful way so that we can make changes that we can adhere to even as we grow and expand. 


What is the Founder Sourced Ingredients Initiative? And what impact do you expect it to have on the beauty and wellness industry?

I want the owners of businesses to be in touch with their farmers and suppliers. Removing the middleman/middlewoman will 100% give the customer a better experience because if you don’t see and touch, smell and feel something it’s very hard to assure your customer that what is in your product is what you are actually selling them. Beauty is almost 0% regulated; it’s not like the food and drug industry, and there is no one actually checking regularly on your ingredients so it’s best if the founder is responsible for that. FSI was started by Pursoma to provide consumers with traceable, identifiable, and transparent beauty wellness products that represent social responsibility and originate from natural sources for the ultimate consumer experience. Here’s a link to the initiative overview.


  • All products are Founder Sourced.
  • All product and packaging ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and free of toxic-processing and manufacturing.
  • Business is done under the Fair Trade standards established by Fairtrade International FSI will bring light and resources to little known farmers, harvesters, their ancient practices around the world and their families and villages.
  • Shipment, storage, and packaging of ingredients are sharply regulated to ensure the maintenance of product integrity during shipping.

What is your daily wellness routine? How do you plan on staying committed to it this summer?

I get off track just like anyone else whether it’s from the change of a season or a holiday. I try to keep a few core rituals: drinking 3 liters of water per day, exercising 45 minutes, taking a bath. The world around me often makes me drained and If I take a bath, rehydrate and rest, I can stay up later and have some spontaneity and fun but not feel run down by the end of summer or after a holiday. 



How do you recommend creating a relaxing space to rest and recharge in?

I love this question. I would like to start by saying that the size of your living space does not matter! I believe that the bathroom and bedroom are your sanctuary space. They are not for the public or random guests, and you should only use them for yourself, your family and someone you love. The energy in those spaces should be sacred. I feel the “bathtime to bedtime” ritual is a true Pursoma trademark. It is everything we stand for in claiming your own time and space in order to cleanse, rest and recharge.

What is your bath time ritual?

I fill the tub with super hot water (106 degrees to be exact) and I use a floating thermometer (they only cost around $4.00). I fill my water bottle, then go into the bathroom and turn off the notifications on my phone and turn on a Pursoma Spotify playlist. I dry brush my body for 3 minutes, soak in the tunes, then get in the tub and soak for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I wrap up in a robe for 10 minutes and lay down and continue to sweat while my body cools down and my heart rate goes back to normal. My last step is to apply body oil or body butter and go to sleep.


Which bath soak can’t you live without and what makes it so special?

Resurrection it is the ultimate detox treatment – a full serving of detox, hydration and rest. It leaves you feeling resurrected from whatever has worn you down. It has French grey sea salt, French green clay, seaweed and algae. It is magical…

Any tips on keeping a healthy balance between work and personal life? 

This is a struggle for me. I would say… keeping a healthy balance with yourself is first. Maintaining healthy levels of sleep, exercise, nutrition and spiritual practice will help you work more efficiently and effectively and this will set you up for a more well rounded and balanced life between work and home.


Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

If you are raising a family, it’s always going to be harder for you. If you are raising money it’s always going to be harder for you. We are trying to balance the scales on how men run businesses versus women and it’s improving but there are some things that won’t change. For instance, I wanted to go back to work 8 days after I had my daughter but I also wanted to breastfeed. No equality law is going to fix that for me. It’s a choice and it’s important that you have support, both emotionally and logistically, because it’s very hard. I would say that you should never resist following your passion because you are a woman – just know that it’s important to have a strong support system.