Renna Jewels

Introducing the founder of our newest addition to our third party collection, Renna Brown-Taher (and her adorable pup Reese). Renna and I have stayed in touch over the years after meeting at one of her very first trunk shows in NYC. Renna Jewels is known for their unique jewelry that connects with the ever changing and captivating aspects of land and sea. Made of 100% recycled 18 karat gold and hand crafted in New York City. We are welcoming her beautiful jewelry line that is now available online at



To you, Marysia is…

I first met Marysia at one of my first trunk shows in Soho. She was immediately so warm and interested in learning our brand story and that was history. From that moment on, we have kept in touch. I have been a fan of her designs for years and it has been so inspiring to see that Marysia the person and Marysia the brand are true reflections of each other: classic yet unique with a graceful point of view.

What is your favorite Marysia piece?

I wore the Mott Maillot in black every single weekend this summer.  It makes me feel so elegant and confident.  The material is so soft and the quality is incredible.  Nothing beats the Marysia fabric!

What inspired you to start your brand?

My mother and I found two coffee bean shells on the shores of Laguna Beach when I was 9 years old.  When I graduated from college, my mother made me a gold bracelet from molds of these shells.  I still wear the bracelet every day—it means the world to me.  I began a career in jewelry and eventually, when I launched RENNA, I knew I wanted to honor this memory through my designs.

What sparks your creativity?

I find it really hard to sit down and say, “okay, I need to design now”.  I can’t just turn on creativity.  My most recent collection was designed in about a week.  The designs just poured out of me.  I can’t really tell you what caused this spurt of inspiration- it happened in May.  I had sort of shut down in April because I was overwhelmed with Covid-19.  One day, everything just made sense and it was time to sketch it out.

How does your brand practice sustainability?

We make everything locally in New York City out of 18-karat recycled gold.  We source our stones responsibly—and we work directly with mines where possible.  I am particularly proud of our relationships with The Muzo Emerald Mine and the Zimbaqua Aquamarine Mine which both practice sustainable mining and give back to their local communities.

What is your favorite Renna jewels jewelry piece at the moment? How would you style it?

One of my very first pieces was the thread and shell bracelet.  I have worn it everyday for years and I never tire of it.  We started with diamond rondelles but now we offer it in sapphire, emerald and blue topaz.  In terms of how to style it, my recommendation is simply: never take it off! It’s made to be worn, not just admired.

Any tips on keeping a healthy balance between your work and personal life?

My miniature dachshund, Reese, is my saving grace.  Sometimes she quite literally nudges my hands off my laptop and forces me to pet her!  Taking a few minutes to play with her when I am in the middle of working does wonders.  It allows me to quickly recalibrate and then I can get back to it.  She’s a reminder that we need to take breaks here and there—and boy does she force me to when I start forgetting it!

Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs? 

Support each other, support each other, support each other!  Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating.  At first, I desperately missed the day-to-day interaction with my coworkers.  It wasn’t long until I was welcomed into a wonderful, supportive group of entrepreneurial women here in New York.  Surround yourself with positive voices, contribute to the supportive conversation and, most importantly, tune out anyone who says otherwise!