Puglia Packing Guide

one. MARYSIA Bimini maillot, $367 at marysia.com
two. JANE POPE JPJ x SKB necklace, $1198 at janepopejewelry.com
three.  MIU MIU Cat-eye metal sunnies, $347 at matchesfashion.com
four. MAY LINDSTROM Blue Cocoon balm, $180 at maylindstrom.com
five.  MARYSIA x LOLA HATS Tall Boater hat, $605 at marysia.com
six.  MARYSIA Abacos skirt, $583 at marysia.com
seven.  PALMGRENS Undyed rattan tote, $480 at theline.com


Month two away from home, we find ourselves in Italy. Since we were already in Poland for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, we figured why not see some of the European coast. As its so hot this time of year, I packed mostly swimsuits with this skirt and pants. Our new hats have also been a definite must-have this summer. I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!