one. MARYSIA Little Harbour bikini top + bottom, $139 each at marysia.com
two. BEAUTYCOUNTER Mineral sunscreen, $46 at beautycounter.com
three.  LUCY FOLK Slice of Heaven sunnies, $395 at lucyfolk.com
four. BALENCIAGA Platform Crocs, $495 at barneys.com
five.  LAUREN WEISBERGER When Life Gives You Lululemons book, $16 at amazon.com
six.  MARYSIA Short Dunmore hooded dress, $473 atmarysia.com
seven.  LOEWE Raffia tote, $445 at net-a-porter.com


I’m so happy to come home after 5 years, it’s exactly how I remembered it! My Polish roots are still a big part of my life, and it’s always so special to be able to share that with my family. It’s the first time we’ve visited in the summer, so I get to pack my favorite pieces from our collection, along with some other goodies I’ve been into lately. I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my suitcase.