Pam Rodriguez Career


Since 2003, Pam Rodriguez has been working as a fashion model. Having grown up in Los Angeles, she was given the opportunity to pursue her dream.

The Rise of Pam Rodriguez Career

Five years after Pam began modeling, she appeared on the cover of a magazine called Open Your Eyes. In addition she has modeled for other magazines such as Smooth, FHM and Lowrider. One year later she also became a business woman when she created her own line of swimwear called Pure Rodri.

Pure Rodri Collection

Named in part after herself, Pam created the Pure Rodri Collection featuring trendy swimsuits. There are several different designs that make up the collection and each piece of it is made by hand, thanks to workers in the U.S.

Unlike most other collections of bathing suits, the pieces in this collection include clear straps and are adorned with Swarovski crystals, making each bathing suit truly unique. The reasoning behind making the straps clear is to allow the women wearing it to get a more even tan line. For many women, the best part of this bathing suit collection is that they can have one designed to their specifications, allowing for a perfect fit every time. Purchasing a bathing suit from this collection can be done at the Pure Rodri e-commerce store.


Pam R Social Media Use

Like many other models, Pam has a powerful social media presence. She can be found on Instagram @pamrodriguez1, where she has 227,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @pamrodriguez, where she has 65.6 thousand followers.

In addition to following Pam herself, she encourages her fans to follow Pure Rodri on social media as well. The bikini line can be found on Instagram purerodriswimwear, which has 90.2 thousand followers. The brand’s Facebook page can be found purerodrisswimwear, which has 1,415 followers and growing.

Pam Rodriguez as a Businesswoman

As a model and businesswoman, Pam is the pinnacle of success. She has accomplished a lot that she can be proud of. Women all over the world are flocking to her bikini line so that they can look and feel as sexy as possible when sunbathing at the beach or lounging by the pool.

Through her talent and dedication, Pam has achieved a lot. There is no doubt that there is much more to come for her as she continues to have a successful career where she can contribute to the world in her own unique way.

She has already shown women that they can succeed just like she has done throughout her career. By persevering over the years, she has come to realize her full potential.

As a result, Pam has been able to not only grace certain magazine covers with her likeness but has also used her popularity to sell her line of bikinis. The future looks bright for Pam as she continues to do what she loves and inspire others to do the same. Her career is one that any woman of any age could emulate if she put her mind to it.

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