Olivia Lopez Shares her Lust For Life

Lust For Life is an online journal started by Olivia Lopez. Launched in 2007 the site shows off Olivia’s talent for design. The culture based journal allows site visitors to get inspiration from the work Olivia has done.

Olivia Lopez

Lust for Life Blog

After founding Lust For Life, Olivia has gone on to nurture it and watch it grow. She serves as the site’s editor and brings her creativity to each journal entry. As a style influencer, Olivia loves sharing her passion for design with her readers. The journal includes entries on topics such as wardrobe essentials and is picture heavy as well, as Olivia is a talented photographer.

Other sections of Lust For Life cover topics such as food, culture and travel. In the Bon appetite/food section, Olivia covers meals that she enjoys and the restaurants she enjoys them at.  In the culture section, she talks about subjects such as thankfulness, fashionable cities such as Miami and festivals that she has personally attended. In the travel section, Lust For Life visitors can learn about the trips Olivia has taken to cities such as Vancouver. Complete with breathtaking photos, this section really gives visitors a glimpse into her life.

Much of the content of Lust For Life is fashion related. She shows photos of herself in trendy cities such as Paris, where beauty and style are extremely important to everyone.

Olivia’s Projects

Olivia has been involved in many exciting projects such as collaborating with major brands as a guest designer, more than one appearance at tradeshows for bloggers, and panels and platforms focusing on her and other social media influencers. She has also appeared at Fashion Weeks in places such as New Zealand.  As an official Fashion Week writer/blogger, Olivia has made quite an impression on her peers in the industry.

Olivia Lopez

Lust For Life and Olivia can be found on several social media site. Her Instagram can be found @lustforlife and has 335,000 followers. She can be found on Twitter @lustforlife, where she has 18.7 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @lustforlifejournal, and has 232,578 followers. Her Pinterest page can be found @lustforlife, and also has thousands of followers. In addition, readers can easily follow her journal on Tumbler @listforlifejournal. For those who want more visual stimulation, her YouTube channel can be found @LustForLifeBlog, which has 5.1 thousand subscribers to it. Fans can watch her YouTube channel for insight into the beauty routine she practices in her own life.

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Birthday: October 27th
  • Birthplace: California

With such a popular online journal, Olivia has made an impact on her fans and on the world in general. Readers can immerse themselves in her world by following Lust For Life through its newsletter. Subscribers receive emails to keep them up to date on all the latest news the journal has to share with them. Through her words and her photos, Olivia has inspired many women to embrace style, culture, travel and other aspects of life that are important to her.

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