Mother’s Day

(pictured left to right: Daria Konovalova, Gorban Masha, Bree Hannemann, Damse Lindior, Molly Fienning, Katsia D., India Hicks, Patricia G., Julia Berolzheimer, Jillian Harris, Kateryna Krytska, Lisa-Maria Harwin, Courtney Grow, Tia Mowry, Marion Gruber, Samantha Wennerstrom, Amber Fillerup, Kerry Pieri, Lawren Howell, Rach Parcell)

HAPPY MOTHERS’S DAY to all the mothers out there and especially these ones and more (that don’t fit on one page) that are big supporters of our brand!  I’m honored to have been supported and cared for by so many amazing mother’s that do their best all day everyday and set a positive example for their children and other adults around them. May you have a beautiful day being spoiled by your loved ones and may my love vibes reach you near and far, wherever you are my friends  ❤️
All my love, Marysia


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