Model on a Mission, Meet Carol Alt

You’ll know her as a classic ‘80s supermodel (who’s considered to be one of the most famous of them all by some), but today? She’s got a little something different going on.

While you’ll still probably find some great clothing and travel inspiration looking at her social media, Carol has specifically dedicated herself to doing more than making you look good: she wants you to feel good as well.

Photo: Jimmy Bruch

Read on to learn more about her career, and how she’s working to accomplish this goal. You’ll also see a few of the common questions asked online and where to follow her online.

The basics

This 57-yeard-old Super Model will be marking another year on earth in December of this year, and her wiki lists her as being a New York native. She’s 5’10 and currently represented by The Model CoOp in New York and d’management group in Milan.

Her career began while she was still in her teens, and she reached the height of modeling goals only three years later: landing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That was obviously a huge door opened for her, and her Wikipedia credits show it. She’s had covers in pretty much all the major fashion magazines, including ones around the globe. She also has been the face behind some of the biggest beauty and cosmetics brands.

She has had an extensive acting career here and overseas. This has also included stints on reality TV and several awards. She was also married to hockey player Ron Greschner for 13 years, beginning in 1983.

Beyond the Cameras

Versatility is key in a long, successful career, and Carol is proof of it. She’s also credited as an author, mostly focusing on diet, health, and modeling. She’s also been a part of a documentary taking people inside the modeling industry, giving viewers insight into their favorites and what it takes to be part of the business.

She’s also a philanthropist, supporting a number of charities centered around helping animal and children.

A recent project is a show on Fox News that delves into health and wellness. It’s called “A Healthy You” and began back in 2013 and ended in 2015. It was a thirty-minute program in which she shares her own tips for living healthier, as well as the advice of others. According to celebrity net worth, all this has helped her to build a net worth of 25 million.

The Mission

The last project mentioned was just one part of Carol’s mission, which she’s talked about extensively: helping people get and stay healthy, and feel better. She’s got a series of blog posts detailing her own health struggles, as well as her extensive research that led her to a raw diet. She talks about cleansing, the dangers of sugar, and how it’s important to work with your doctor and do the research to find the diet that will help you feel your best.

Social Media Stats

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