The Marysia Spring/Summer 2022 collection began with a beloved pattern: a boldly scaled, vibrantly hued plaid that designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves rediscovered in her archive of treasured fabrics. 

“With its mix of soft pinks, ruby reds, and ribbons of navy, this print has been a favorite of mine for many years,” she says. “I came upon it while unpacking in my new home just outside of Charleston, South Carolina—somewhere between the farm life my family and I had the privilege of experiencing in Virginia last year and the decade we spent as city dwellers in L.A. It finally felt like the right time to put this joyful plaid to use, relevant at a time of reemergence for the world and for where I am in my life.”

The print’s generous scale and lively palette are softened by a pixelated quality that evokes the art of weaving, a motif reprised in grommeted, lace-up detailing on bikini tops and bottoms, maillots, and swim cover-ups that double as fluid dresses. Reeves took great care in placing the print on each piece, from a halter-neck Marysia Sport mini dress accompanied by matching shorts to a girl’s zip-front rashguard, part of the Bumby range of children’s swimwear. Lines of varying weights and colors come together on a blush-toned background, arrayed to flatter and visually contour the female form in dialogue with scalloped edges: a Marysia signature. 

The collection’s palette is rooted in that of the plaid. Bloom, a candy pink, is joined by robust Beet along with Scooter, a scarlet that complements a range of skin tones. These warm hues are balanced by deep Indigo and Garden, a lush leaf green that extends the presence of nature-inspired shades from the sunlit Fern and electric Cactus greens of recent seasons. Rounding out the palette are timeless black and white, which come together in a print of hand-painted polka dots from the brush of New York-based watercolor artist Caitlin McGauley. 

“We last collaborated with Caitlin in 2019, on a hand-painted leopard print. I’m astonished by her ability to infuse a distinctive point of view into each brushstroke,” says Reeves. “It’s not easy to reimagine polka dots, but that’s just what this print does. It’s both dynamic and serene.” Rendered in watercolor, the graphic spots take on the character of fingerprints, each one a unique combination of softened edges and gradated shadow. The print gains further dimension from the silhouettes themselves, including a wide-strap maillot and bikini top with a twist-front sweetheart neckline and a bikini bottom traced by curved seaming that echoes its high waistline. 

Ruching also animates solid-colored styles, with artful twists revealing the smooth underside of Marysia’s signature pebbled piqué swimwear fabric to create a play of textures within a single piece. The gathering technique is explored more fully in a trio of sleeveless resortwear dresses made both sculptural and comfortable by finely calibrated ripples of cotton voile. Comfort is also paramount for the rapidly

growing Marysia Sport range, which expands for Spring/Summer with an elongated onesie, its integrated full-length leggings ideal for yoga on brisk spring mornings.

From swimwear and resortwear to Sport and Bumby, the collection is united by the intention of its design and its making. “From the beginning, I set out to create pieces that would not only transcend trends but also retain their refined look for years—pieces you could swim and move and live in,” says Reeves. “As we continue to seek new ways to minimize our impact on the environment, it’s vital to stay true to our original focus on longevity—a key element of sustainability—and this collection is formed by silhouettes, colors, and prints that offer real staying power.”