“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

Henri Matisse

Looking to the serene beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, Marysia Resort 2022 is an exploration of natural wonders that transcend sun-baked beaches. “In preparing to move from Los Angeles to Charleston, South Carolina, my family and I have been living on a farm in Virginia, right on the water,” says designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves. “It’s an extraordinarily peaceful place, yet so alive and ever-changing. Here the river meets the sea, farms give way to forests, and for every bale of hay there’s a field of wildflowers. I found inspiration in all directions, including up in the clear blue sky.”

A palette grounded in lush shades of Meadow and Fern is enlivened by watery blues and warmed by flashes of flaxen Wheat and vivid Blossom pink. Signature Marysia scallops are in dialogue with a delicately scaled vintage French floral print and a classic, cool-toned plaid based on a madras fabric discovered in New York. “These distinctive colors and patterns stand on their own beautifully, but they also come together in unexpected ways,” says Reeves, “whether in our beloved reversible swim styles or pieces that artfully combine solids and prints.”

The collection’s resortwear, made entirely of sustainable fabrics, spans textures ranging from crinkled cotton and soft linen to airy crocheted layers and marled knits. Versatile new shore-to-city silhouettes and a luxuriously oversized, ultra-soft shawl—a first for Marysia—are animated by hems and ties traced in fringe. Among the season’s most anticipated debuts are a long-sleeved rashguard, dresses in a sublime Italian knit, pieces designed to provide both sun protection and year-round wear, and additions to Marysia Sport that include playfully cropped shorts.

Resort also marks the expansion of Marysia’s Bumby girls’ and boys’ swimwear range, introducing playful hues, ruffled accents, and contrast piping while reimagining best-selling styles from seasons past. “This collection gave us the opportunity to focus on the best of Bumby and update a selection of signature pieces with refined fits and fun new colors,” says Reeves. “The entire season is truly a breath of fresh air, just right for a time of endless possibilities and new beginnings.”