L*SPACE Staff Holiday Traditions

“I have many fond memories of spending the days leading up to the holidays in my grandmother’s tiny midwest kitchen baking holiday treats. Nothing topped her old fashion sugar cookies, a recipe I have learned by heart and bake every Christmas! Though my grandma is no longer physically here, she lives on in my heart. Now when I pull out my measuring spoons and mixing bowls, I smile, thinking of doing the very same thing many years ago with her by my side. She was such an inspiration! She opened a cafeteria called Mehlmans when I was in my teens back in the ’70s that was so successful, and it still lives on today…I caught this article in Food & Wine recently and it was actually voted top 10 cafeterias in the country!”

– Monica

“Every Christmas Eve, my whole family (40+ people) get together and we sing every Christmas song we can think of while my uncles play the guitar. We definitely don’t have the best voices so I’m glad no one else can hear us (lol)…but it’s my favorite Christmas tradition.”

– Caitlin

“My holiday tradition, that my parents started for me, was to collect a memorable ornament every year. If we took a trip or had a big event happen, we would get an ornament to remember and write the date on the bottom. Now 28 years later I have a Christmas tree full of memories. From my first Christmas, to college graduation, to my wedding day. It is something that I look forward to every year, and will carry it on with my family forever.”

– Amber


“We like to get a bucket of ice cream and drive through neighborhoods admiring (and judging, lol) the lights. We’ve never taken our baby Stella so this is a first year for us! I have a feeling she’ll enjoy the tradition, especially the part with the ice cream!” 

– Tracy

“Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I get our Christmas tree and invite our Christmas-loving Jewish friends over to help us decorate it. The kids also decorate PRE-BUILT gingerbread houses (pre-built is key if you want to avoid overeager and easily frustrated kids and parents – the make your own ones always collapse) and listen to Holiday Hits on iTunes. This kicks off the holiday season for us.”

– Heather

“My family has been buying our tamales from the same little shop in LA for the past 40 years (except for the tamale crisis of 2016 when they ran out and my mom bought them from a different place – big drama). They are seriously the BEST tamales and something I look forward to every year. Buy your tamales on their website here!

– Gianna


“My favorite holiday tradition my family does is we hang a piñata from the rafters of my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. We all line up from youngest to oldest (there are over 30 people) and take our swing at the piñata while blindfolded. If you break the piñata you wear the broken piece as a hat for the rest of the night, your name gets engraved into a trophy, and of course bragging rights for the rest of the year. The tradition has been going on in my family for generations. I have only won once!”

– Kyslee  

“A new tradition that my husband and I started last year is attending the Christmas tree lighting at Mission San Juan Capistrano. There’s just something absolutely magical about enjoying holiday lights in a historic, old world setting.”

– Kristina 

“Every holiday season, my mom continues the family tradition of making tamales. She makes a TON (like 20 dozen!) from SCRATCH! There are some to eat and A LOT to share. The week before Christmas, once her hard prep-work is done, all of the ladies of the family get together and form an assembly line to help. We spread the masa, add the meat/chili, and fold them up tightly to be steamed. We eat them all week long, and deliver them to our closest friends and family. It is one of my most favorite traditions.”

– Lisa

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