Below is just a fraction of my experiences the last 10 years in business.

I have had 2 children, 11 employees, 6 interns, held onto the one husband
(it isn’t easy working together!) 4 pr companies, 4 sales teams, 3 factories,
2 italian fabric mills and many many others.  Buyers, agents, models,
photographers, assistants, editors, finance people, accountants and others
whom I’d had the pleasure to work with.

I’ve designed 150 bikinis, 110 maillots, about 200 resortwear pieces
and 60 Bumby.  I’ve done a dozen collaborations, countless exclusives
a few near nervous breakdowns and one really bad health scare that
I’m not quite ready to talk about.  

I went to Paris, Hong Kong, Cannes, Sydney, Hawaii, London and Milan
for work, none of which I’ve ever been to before (except for Hawaii
on our “honeymoon”). I got to do it all with my best friend/husband
and business partner….we have so many amazing memories and
so many friends all over the world all thanks to you!
You who believe, buy, read, like, comment and support me
and this little brand we created.

I have a horrible personality trait where I make the worst out of things
when shit hits the fan. I really fall apart and can’t see past the bad
moment or situation…but man when I spell it all out and do have
the good moments, I feel so guilty for ever thinking anything negative at all.
I’m so blessed and really wouldn’t have dreamt of a better
10 years of adulthood.

I remember in one of my first interviews someone asked where I saw
 my brand in 10 years…I think I said I’d have my own store and
GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?
Today we signed a lease to a store in NYC!!!!  In the heart of SoHo, NY.
It’s just a pop-up to start but we can extend and stay if we do well…so please
please don’t stop supporting and shopping with us.  I feel like I’m becoming
better and better at what I do so I hope you continue to collect your MARYSIA
pieces for the next 10 years!
Cheers to you my friends!!!