Lill and I go way back to the very early days of MARYSIA! Lill had her own brand of swim and we were both being repped by the same showroom. We bonded over our love of Philip Lim and sushi during the long weeks of Miami Swim market, then later over the unhappy endings with the aforementioned showroom. She’s since had these beautiful baby girls (twins) and closed down her brand. She is now back to being a stylist and 100% beach babe! She’s always has that something special with how she pulls things together. I hope you find Lill as much of a MUSE as I do.


To you, Marysia is…

The perfect creative mix between classic and modern resort wear.


Which is your favourite swimsuit from the Resort 2019 collection?

The black strapless one piece with white criss cross tie up the front.




Can you share your favorite beach/pool accessories this summer?

This Villa26 transparent pool chair. Finally an inflatable that is chic!


What is your favorite beach in Australia? 

The Pass at Byron Bay.




You are an amazing stylist…do you have any tips on how to look your best in MARYSIA?

The beauty of Marysia is you can style a resort look into your everyday. The fabrics and the details elevate a normal swimsuit to something special that goes beyond swim. I love the versatility of the swimsuits that look just as great as bodysuits. Pairing one of the Marysia maillots with a gorgeous flowy silk skirt and tailored jacket works beautifully as a staple workwear option. I have been known to always dress as if I am on holiday even when I am very clearly not! I think it’s important to not just save those holiday pieces for holidays. Break the rules. Keep the vacation alive and wear it beyond the beach.


What is your favorite way to spend time with your family?

We are an active family. Playing tennis together. Swimming in the pool. On holidays in Byron Bay we fall into a beautiful slow rhythmic pattern of beach/surf, snooze, beach/surf, snooze…repeat!




Do you have favorite beach toys for your girls?

We do not really take any toys to the beach anymore. Sometimes we will take a bucket if we manage to grab one. They LOVE collecting shells and exploring the rock pools. Looking for crabs and fish. They have recently started mucking around with our surfboards in the shallow surf.


Best piece of advice for working moms?

Allocate some time each day (obviously this changes day to day for me being freelance) to be 100% focused on your kids. Put your phone down and be completely present with them. The amount of time spent doing this is not important, its your undivided attention that is. When I do this I notice the girls are calmer as they have had my complete focus. I am calmer as I am not trying to ‘juggle’ their attention and work.