Lauren Summer Career

Lauren Summer lives and works as an editorial model in the Miami area of Florida. She has appeared in major magazines such as Lions, Lucky and Fuse Magazines, as well as Playboy. She also appeared on the cover of Celebrations.

Lauren  Summer Model

lauren summer barret

In addition to being a model, Lauren runs a blog on her self-named website. Her blog covers uplifting topics such as the things in life that make her happy. She is also very open about the struggles she faces in her personal life, such as suffering from a panic disorder. Many of her blog entries detail the ways in which she manages her own anxiety, in the hopes that she can help readers manage theirs. Lauren also shares with her readers how and why she decided to work in the modeling industry.

She reveals that as a student she was a tomboy who secretly dreamed of being a model. While her childhood and teenage years showed no outward signs of her wanting to become a model, in her nightly dreams she was everything from a sexy model to a powerful Bond girl. For Lauren, dreaming of becoming a model was the most empowering thing she could do for herself.

Lauren Summer Panic Struggles

Lauren’s personal struggle with panic disorder began after an event with her friends in which she passed out while attending a concert. This sent her and her mother to a doctor for some answers. After countless doctors’ appointments and tests, Lauren was finally discovered to be suffering from a panic disorder.

Though medication was used to treat the disorder, Lauren was still suffering on an almost daily basis. Years later she would come to find out that she also had a condition called Serotonin Syndrome. It was battling this condition that ultimately led her back to modeling.

Lauren Summer Social Media

The best way for fans to keep up with Lauren is to follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @heylaurensummer, where she has 371,000 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @HeyLaurenSummer, which has 12,518 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @HeyLaurenSummer, where she has 10.5 thousand followers.

Anyone struggling through life can turn to Lauren Summer for inspiration. By reading her refreshingly honest blog, many people can benefit from her words and her experiences. She has brought to light a condition that many people suffer from silently.

Lauren is doing her part to contribute to the world and to help spread happiness to everyone she meets. She has no shame in sharing sensitive details of her personal life in the hopes of helping others. Her future looks bright as she continues to do her part to make the world better. She is committed to providing valuable insight on her blog so that its readers can gain insight into what makes her tick. With so much good in her, Lauren is sure to change the lives of her fans and blog readers around the world.