Jane Keltner de Valle

Jane Keltner de Valle is the style director at Architectural Digest, mother of two beautiful children, and wife to an inspiring architect Giancarlo Valle.  She has a classy style sense… loves a whimsical touch.  
View the couple’s Brooklyn loft here and you’ll fall in love with Jane too.
We met a few years ago when Jane was the fashion editor at Glamour.  She wrote a full page article about her favorite bikini ( Palm Springs) and so when we saw each other on this wonderful sea plane trip to Shelter Island, we had a mutual adoration for one another.  Jane has stayed a true supporter of our brand over the years and looks pretty perfect in everything.
Below she models our Spring/Summer collection during a holiday in Miami (pre covid)  I hope you enjoy this stunning MUSE as much as I do.
xx Marysia 

Marysia is … For me, the signature scallops perfectly capture the timeless, whimsical spirit of Marysia.

What is your favorite recipe for feeling great inside and out?

For food and drink, everything in moderation. For body, Ballet Beautiful with my girlfriends—it’s one part workout, one part chat fest. For mindset, time with my husband and children. They always make me feel like my best version of myself.

Any tips to staying healthy while enjoying the pleasures and indulgences on summer/vacation/the holidays?

I naturally gravitate toward lighter, healthier things in warmer weather, with ice cream being the one exception. How can you say no to a family ice cream date?

What does the start and end of your day look like?

My daughter is my alarm clock. She wakes me up every morning. The end of my day is ideally a quiet moment with my husband.

What is an important lesson you want to teach your kids? 

Kindness, humility, dedication, ingenuity.


What is your style advice for packing on vacation?

I’m staycationing around rural Connecticut this summer, but even in the midst of quarantining it’s amazing what a mood booster an easy, pretty dress can be.

Your 5 essentials for a warm weather getaway?

Swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, summer dress, and a face mask.

What is your favorite spot for vacation? Tell us what makes it so special?

We love The Surf Club in North Miami beach, a 1930s-era oasis that was reimagined by French architect Joseph Dirand a few years ago. My husband grew up going to family homes in Miami and we got engaged at one of them, so it has a lot of memories for us. Plus, it’s a quick, easy flight from New York. It has two of our favorite restaurants on site and the beach just beyond. You never have to leave. I’m looking forward to returning when it’s safe to do so.

Best piece of advice for working moms?

Be present in the time you have together, let your children into your world so they can see and appreciate the value in what it is you do outside the home, and go easy on yourself. There is no one right way to navigate motherhood. Remember that our society never asks fathers how they achieve life/work balance!


What is your favorite piece from the new collection?

 The Palm Springs Top and Santa Monica Bottom with scalloped edging were my gateway drug to the brand. Best bikini out there. Elegant, chic, comfortable, and gives full coverage so I can run after my kids without worry. From the resort wear collection, the khaki crop top and wrap skirt are a fresh, fun take on the sixties safari suit.