International Women’s Day: 5 Inspirational women who promote body positivity

Body positivity has moved from a “fad” to brands, influencers and celebrities using their voice to champion all women to embrace their bodies. For International Women’s Day, we take a look at just a few women who are using their platforms to stand alongside body positivity activists.




Known for her industry breaking approach smashing through glass ceilings, Rihanna is all for diversity in the modelling world.  At her modelling show for her brand Fenty Savage, in an interview with Vogue she says she hopes to see “women being celebrated in all forms and all body types and all races and cultures”. She also adds that “It’s a shame that women have to feel insecure or self-conscious about how their bodies look.”


Jessamyn Stanley



Jessamyn is a yoga teacher and writer, but she isn’t your “average” yoga instructor. She boldly states on her website that she is a “body positivity advocate” and ensures that her classes “provide a body positive approach to yoga.” Her Instagram will prove to you just how serious she is about the importance of seeing women just like “you” in the wellness industry.


Sarah Jane Adams


Sarah defies what it means to be and look like a woman “of age”. You don’t often see a woman in her older years, dressed head to toe in adidas with groovy hair to match. Jewellery designer is her professional title, but she breaks boundaries by living authentically, just being “herself”. With over 180K followers on Instagram, Sarah has been crowned a Sally Hansen Self-Made superwoman. Go Sarah! 


Celeste Barber

The Australian comedian has found a way to put a comedic spin on body positivity. She has over a million followers on Instagram, with her fans liking and commenting on her hilarious takes on replicating celebrity photo’s.

She challenges what it means to be “normal” making her content highly relatable and engaging. Celeste says to ABC, that her journey started with text exchanges between her and her sister “Look at these photos! Normal people don’t do that”, and Celeste replied “Maybe normal people do do that. Challenge accepted!”


Jameela Jamil


If you haven’t heard of her viral message on banning airbrushing, we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. She’s abrasively asked brands to think about whether “touch-ups” are really that necessary. Jameela is one of the most outspoken women in the media and is far from shy when it comes to voicing her opinions about body positivity. 


A demand for wider representation has placed pressure on brands to showcase all types of bodies, no matter their size. In Agent Provocateur’s latest Spring campaign, 22 dancers with different body types were featured in the film.


We can see a cultural shift in society of what the ideal woman “should look like”. The more women who are empowered to use their voice, the more it can inspire an entire generation. Is there anything more positive than that?

And at Simply Beach, we believe in the power of looking good, feeling good. Heading to the beach shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Embrace your curves and love your body. Read our blog post on some top tips to feel amazing in your swimwear.