India Hicks is a legend!  The unofficial mayor of Harbour Island, where she has lived for 25 years.  A mother of 5, entrepreneur, entertainer, author of several books, constant traveler and so much more…she is the MUSE of all time.  Goddaughter to Prince Charles of England….and a new friend of mine.  I’m so excited she agreed to take some photos with her daughter Domino and answer the below questions.

xoxo Marysia


To you, Marysia is…

A reminder of warm days, pink sands and my dogs running beside me as the sun sets on the beach.


Which is your favourite swimsuit from the Resort 2019 collection?

The scalloped blue bikini I am wearing beside my daughter Domino- because its not just for a beach amble, it also works for long runs.




You travel a ton…what is your advice for packing for vacation? Tell us your secrets!

When I am on a work trip and popping into a different city every day for different events I map everything out before I go, if I don’t then I overpack in a panic. I pack from the bottom up, so the last outfit goes in first…that way I am not having to unpack at each location, I resent unpacking, I’ll do anything to avoid unpacking. Just give me those unpacking minutes back.


You entertain often…what is your advice for hosting a great dinner party? Do you have a favorite song mix?

An imaginative tablescape sets the scene immediately, I’ll try to be as resourceful as possible, (you kind of have to be when you live on a small tropical island) Sometimes we’ll decorate the table with pineapples and tea lights, other times it might be gigantic palm fronds and hurricane lamps, or empty mustard jars filled with frangipani. We invite a mix of guests from all walks of life, we eat outside as much as possible, we always do a careful placement that helps make lively conversation as you will have plotted out who will be interested by who. We have a Top Banana, called Claire, who cooks, this is a great luxury I know, and also a great relief for our guests as you would not want me cooking. Claire is completely unfazed when I say it will no longer just be 6 of us for dinner it will now be 26.




What is the most important lesson you want to teach your kids?

I have 5 children and we have just about reached the age where they are teaching me more than I teach them but I do hope they grow up always being kind, with a wicked sense of humor.


What are your most favorite places to eat on Harbour Island?

Any excuse for the FluNoMo fresh squeezed juice at Coca’s in the morning, you can smell the ocean air and hear the cry of the famous Briland chickens who drive us all bonkers. Occasionally the special treat of dinner at Da Vine – sushi with a twist.


Best piece of advice for working moms?

Remember none of us are getting it right all the time, but we should just keep trying.