Heather Hogrefe Fashion Influencer

Heather Hogrefe Blogger

Heather Hogrefe Influencer

As Sports Illustrated readers know, Heather Hogrefe was named the Lovely Lady of the Day in December 2014. This beautiful sought after model is also known as the blogger behind Love DaDa.

More than just a model and a blogger, Heather has brains to back up her beauty. Though she is a passionate and enthusiastic fashionista, she also holds a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and is a registered nurse licensed to practice medicine.

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Based on her love of and passion for style and fashion; Heather created LoveDaDa for female readers of all ages. Her goal is to use the blog to inspire women everywhere no matter what their background is or the kind of life they have lived. She does this through the advice she offers, which is never sugarcoated or influenced by the media, major brand biases, or anything else.

Heather is known for her signature style that everyday women can relate to because it doesn’t involve designer brand names and combines both modern and vintage clothing.

The meat and potatoes of Heather’s blog are women’s fashion. Readers can browse pictures and blog entries on pants, denim, dresses, jewelry, shoes and tops. Each section contains style guides personally written by Heather. She shares with her readers how to make certain styles look good on them, helping women everywhere feel comfortable and confident in their wardrobe choices.

Readers can get advice on putting together everything from a casual outfit to one perfect for a night out on the town. Heather gives readers several options for each outfit, so they can find the one that is right for them and tailor it to their own personal style and preferences.

Readers can also get advice on how to wear different styles of dresses and how to style any particular type of dress to fit the occasion they are wearing it for. This is the type of advice that Heather gives that other fashion bloggers do not. Her raw honesty is rare in the industry and helps her stand out from her fellow bloggers.

However, that does not mean she holds herself in higher regards than them. In fact, she makes it a point to interview other bloggers for Love DaDa. She does her best to promote those bloggers that she feels are as passionate about what they do as she is about what she does.

Love Dada Blog

Fans of Heather and of Love DaDa need look no further than social media in order to keep up with her and the blog. She can be found on Instagram @msheatherlynne, where she has 460,000 followers. The blog has its own Instagram @lovedadablog, which has 3,644 followers.

Heather brings a breath of fresh air to the world of blogging. Readers will find that it is a great resource for getting honest and real fashion advice. Love DaDa is one blog that women all over the world can use to help them discover their own style.