Have You Tried the Upside Down Bikini Trend?

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The Upside-down Bikini: What you need to know about this new trend taking over Instagram. So, you may or may not have seen the tag #UpsideDownBikini on Instagram lately, or heard someone mention it. If this is the first time you’re hearing the term, you might be wondering what on earth it is.

Well, it’s kind of a misleading term, but it definitely does give an interesting look. Read on to learn more about who created this look and find out how to try it yourself.

The credit for this trend is being given to an Italian model named Valentina Fradegrada. On her Instagram account, she’s credited as having a background in fashion design and marketing. Since she first put the look out there, the trend has taken off.

How to Wear Upside Down Bikini

So, the name is slightly misleading, but it gives an interesting effect. The top is the only part that changes, and it’s not technically upside down. If you want to see how to copy the look yourself, google “upsidedown bikini tutorial” and you’ll find a quick clip from the woman behind the trend that will show you exactly how she pulls off this look.

Spoiler alert: it’s crazy easy, but possibly not the most practical thing if you’re planning to be active in the water. This is totally a look that’s safer to do for the camera, or just hanging out on the sand.

You’ll definitely be one of the more uniquely dressed at the pool party, or on the beach, and might just earn a bit of Instagram fame in the process. Hey, influencers have to start somewhere, right?

Inverse Bikini

Not only is this trending all over Instagram, with tons of people joining in to share their own attempts at the look, but it’s getting the attention of the fashion world and media. HelloGiggles featured the look in an article, and showed off quite of the pictures that are going around Instagram. They also point out how it’s important to pic your bikini top wisely when trying the look, because it’s not going to work for every piece out there.

Maxim is another one showing off the trend, also showing several pictures of different suits worn in that style, and Australian brand Cantik. The publication shared a picture from the company of the social networking site where they asked fans their opinion of the trend. It’s hit-or-miss, according to Maxim.

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Trend of Wearing Bikini Upside Down

Another side that talked about the trend in-depth was The Sun. They shared some of the posts as well, including the one by Cantik. This article also points off the mixed reactions people are having to the trend, which may end up being one of the more controversial looks in a while.

Are you loving what you’re seeing on the #UpsidedownBikini tag, or are you wondering what’s up with the look? Are you planning to try it? Let us know what you think.

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