Germán Serrano of Tucca Towels


Meet the inspiring Germán Serrano–an artist, entrepreneur, and the founder of Tucca Towels. The vision of Tucca was born after Germán discovered a solution to the discomfort of windy, sandy beach days. German was able to add functionality into his sustainable, uniquely designed towels by including pins that fix into the sand and can be connected to other Tucca towels. Get to know more about German and his journey.



Tell us a bit about yourself…

I studied Psychology and worked for multinational companies in HR for over eight years. I quit my job to start up Tucca, despite having many other business ideas. Curious and imaginative by nature, I am passionate about the sea, gastronomy, art, enjoying my friends and music. I am the singer and songwriter of the band “Gentleman Clef”. 

What inspired you to start your brand?

The concept was born after identifying the need to solve a problem that we have all experienced: the discomfort caused by the wind blowing at your beach towel, making it nearly impossible to simply lay flat and clear of sand. 

It was clear to me that “discomfort” and “beach” were two words that should never go together. That was the trigger to get down to work and design the best way to fix the towel to the sand.

We also thought about people you enjoy your beach days with, the ones you prefer to keep close “without sand in between”. Since we tend to set towels close to each other, why not connect them to create a bigger, more communal space? This is how our strongest concept was formed: to connect. Not only physically connecting the towels but connecting with the beach, with yourself and the ones you love.


How does your brand practice sustainability?

For us it is very important to raise awareness about sustainability, not as a marketing concept, but as a matter of vital importance for the conservation of our planet and therefore of our own life. We must protect what we love.

We only use 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, we do not use any plastic in the packaging, and the bags that we include to store the Tucca pins are made from recycled plastic bottles. We are also working on some partnerships with different NGOs to donate part of our profits to clean the ocean and our beloved beaches. There is so much to do… and a little goes a long way. 

What sparks your creativity?

Everything that surrounds us can be a perfect setting to awaken your creativity. In my opinion, the key is not in things, but in the eyes with which you look at them. 

Having a curious and imaginative attitude is key to conceiving new ideas. But it is difficult to imagine and generate connections between ideas by “being on the couch all day”. You have to go out, experiment, meet people … live.

That said, music has always been a huge source of my creativity. My ideas and thoughts often take the form in songs that I write and perform. 


Tell us about your new Moon collection…

The collection is inspired by four coral species that are considered endangered. Danai, Crassa, Florida and Mayeri, are the four species that give name to each of the designs. Corals are full of life and color, but when they die they lose it. The designs of the new collection are inspired by that contrast: the balance of our cyclical ecosystem and the vibrant colors that inspire us to breathe life. Also, with this collection we wanted to create a thin towel, so it is lighter and more practical

What makes Tucca towels so unique? Do you have a favorite towel design? 

It’s hard to choose when it comes to “your baby” but “Konoh” and “Danai” are the ones I like the most😊

What mainly sets Tucca apart is the pins system to fix your towel to the sand so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. Also, the possibility to connect two or more towels without sand in between linking the designs. This is something that surprises people and something we wanted to achieve from the very beginning; for people to go to the beach and connect towels with each other.

In addition, our quality and design is what makes us unique. It was curious to walk along the beach and see hundreds of people with brand name swimsuits all the while noticing that there were no beach towels that corresponded to their look. 


What does the start and end of your day look like?

 I’m not really a person until I have coffee, so that’s the first thing. Then a little sport to start the day with energy and a lot of work until nightfall. I love being able to enjoy a healthy and nice dinner as a reward for the day. I finish off the day either playing the guitar or relaxing with a book.

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs? 

I would say:

  1. Building relationships is key. Helping, receiving help and sharing experiences is vital to grow. 
  2. Do your best to cultivate a curious, positive, and very active attitude. All the brilliant people I know have this in common.
  3. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Enhance the positives and surround yourself with people who support your weaknesses.They can help you overcome them. 
  4. There is always a solution to a problem. When you can’t find the solution, don’t get overwhelmed. Take the time to look for it because it’s out there.


Favorite vacation spot? 

A beach with waves, not so many people, nature and sun. Could be anywhere.

Your 5 essentials for a warm weather getaway?

My ukulele, swimwear (marysia’s on for example:), a book, one Tucca and a good friend!