Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle

Whitney Tingle and Danielle Dubois founded their meal delivery service in 2011.  This labor of love, known as Sakara has not only transformed their lives but the lifestyle of countless others. These two Sedona natives are experts and entrepreneurs in revamping people’s approach to living well and eating right.  With their knowledge, they have launched their debut cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty, sharing how we can fill our bodies and plates with plants, deeply nourishing our bodies and souls. 
We are thrilled to be collaborating with these influential Muses this season for Destination Summer!  Our partnership celebrates choosing a healthier lifestyle, actively pursuing wellness and loving the body you are in. 
XX Marysia


Danielle: Hamptons meets NYC edgy 
Whitney: a chic way to express yourself in the hottest months of the year


What is your favorite piece from the collection – swim and resortwear style?

Danielle: My bumby and me matching leopard bikini and baby leopard onesie!! Obsessed. 
Whitney: TheGinghamprint is amazing. Love the white dress with red gingham! 


What is your style advice for packing on vacation?

Danielle: I try and stick to a color palette— I gravitate toward a lot of white— and lots of flowy pieces so I feel relaxed and sexy throughout my off hours.

Whitney: Have a couple of standout pieces that guide the rest of your outfit choices, like some fabulous shoes or vintage belt. 

Where do you find style inspiration?

Danielle: 90% of my closet is vintage, I love things that have a story and seeking cool pieces out fuels my inspiration.

Whitney: the 70s!




What is your favorite spot for vacation? Tell us what makes it so special?

Danielle: I love the beach but I’m a desert girl– Sedona, AZ is my home, where I feel truly inspired and when I can really turn off my thinking brain and relax.

Whitney: My husband is from Israel and Tel Aviv is such an incredible, spiritual place.

Any upcoming travel that you are particularly excited about?

Danielle: Heading to Sedona to see my mom in August! 

Whitney: Planning on spending some time in the desert this Fall to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 

Tell us about your favorite #borntovacay moment? This can be an ideal setting and situation that’s on your bucket list, or your most memorable vacation moment to date!

Danielle: We just celebrated a milestone birthday for my husband, and it was a surprise party with close friends in this hidden away castle in Southern France… it was pure love, pure magic. He had no idea. Surprising loved ones is the best feeling. 

Whitney: I went to Burning Man with my husband a few years ago and it was incredible. It’s so inspiring to be around artists, creatives and people that think differently. You’re not on a time schedule so you sleep when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry and spend your time looking for interesting art, people and places. 




What is your favorite recipe for feeling great inside and out?

Danielle: In the cookbook, there are so many go-to recipes that I love making for my family. One that is easy but so satisfying— and beloved by all— is the orgasmic coconut yogurt. I have that in the fridge throughout the week, and having a spoonful with berries or as a dip for crudite which is delicious… even Star adores it.

Whitney: We launched our cookbook this spring, Eat Clean Play Dirty, a beautiful labor of love with 100+ delicious, nutrient-dense recipes. On the rare occasion I’m not eating Sakara delivery—we created Sakara because we are all so busy!— my husband and I like to make the Sakara seed bread and have a loaf on hand for a leisurely morning. I love to spread ghee or a local, organic spread that I might find at a farmer’s market. The best part is that it feels indulgent to have a big slice of toast, but it’s packed with nuts, seeds, and nutrient-dense ingredients that fuel my day and bring me joy. 


Any tips to staying healthy while enjoying the pleasures and indulgences of summer? What does the start and end of your day look like?

Danielle: That is at the heart of our mission— transforming lives through the power of food as medicine… and making you feel so incredible that you have the energy, confidence, joy to go out and live your best in that body. It’s about creating a foundation of nutrient-dense, diverse, organic, foods as close to the source— and then leaving room to play and enjoy. We are the first to reach for the martinis or french fries if that’s what our heart calls for… it’s not about sacrificing the spontaneity and joy out of summer. Plus, once you eat Sakara on a regular basis and transform your gut, your body is better equipped to metabolize and digest the more “joyful” foods. Especially in the summer, our motto is to be gentle with ourselves and remember that every meal is an opportunity to heal and nourish. Savor those drinks and that dessert with loved ones, and know that you’ll get back to eating lots of fiber-rich, leafy greens soon enough.Some of my favorite rituals— I play around with timing— is to gua sha my face, use Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, and get 6-8 cups of leafy greens everyday. 

Whitney: I always begin my day with a glass of water with our Beauty Water drops, which contain critical minerals that deeply hydrate as well as provide the nutrient supplementation that has been stripped of modern soil. Then my husband likes to walk me to work, and we grab coffee at Ground Support or La Colombe. Every night is different but when I have the time, I love to come home, put on a podcast and take a long, hot bath. It’s where my creative brain turns on and I can really think. I get some of my best work done at night. 




Best piece of advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Danielle: Make your work about something other than your own personal success. Make it about other people’s happiness. 

Whitney: Make sure whatever you’re diving into and creating is deeper than a passion; there are going to be days/weeks/years that feel like the biggest hurdles but when you are driven by an unstoppable mission, you have no choice but to work through it. Make sure you have a support system.