Clean Summer Sunscreen

Safe sun exposure has been on my mind since I was diagnosed with melanoma last October.  I have such an incredible passion for clean beauty, but since have felt sunscreen and sun protection is even more important.  We are rubbing that stuff all over ourselves and the bodies of our children.  We all know skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs everything directly into our blood stream….so be safe and know the ingredients of the products you use.  Unfortunately, our FDA allows for misleading labeling, but now that clean beauty has hit the main market, it’s even more important to do your research! I recommend a clean beauty website to purchase from, where you trust that they do the research, and that whatever you purchase from there is good for you. is my go-to.  They have 14 locations too!

Below are my favorites, all for different reasons.  In addition to those, try to find shade whenever possible and DON’T get burned 🙂

Plus we have many long sleeve light weight resortwear pieces to keep you covered.

XO-safe sunning


one. SHADE Tinted Face Stick, $19 at great for water sports
two. BEAUTYCOUNTER Protect All Over sunscreen, $32 at all over body fav
three. AVASOL Surfer’s Barrier stick, $20 at water sports tinted
four. JUICE BEAUTY Sport sunscreen, $16 each at all over budget
five. PRATIMA Neem Rose face sunscreen, $36 at everyday face fav
six. LOVE SUN BODY Natural mineral sunscreen, $21 at kids fav
seven. ILIA Radiant translucent powder, $34 at keep in purse 




You can also check out when we made our own non-toxic sunscreen with natural beauty guru Shiva Rose.