When Wardrobe Icons asked for my summer beauty products, I could hardly wait to share my clean beauty secrets with you! Over the years, I’ve tried countless clean brands and products and I’ve found these work best for me. Having a clean beauty regimine is super important to our overall wellbeing. With summer upon us, our skin needs a little extra love during the warmer days. From sunscreen to micro needling tools, I’ve listed below where you can find these products, I highly recommend.

one. PRATIMA Neem Rose face sunscreen, $37 at 
two. CORPUS NATURALS Natural deodorant in Santalum, $22 at corpus (beautiful product inside and out)
three. NUFACE Nubody skin toning device, $399 at (you can really see results if you stay with it consistently)
four. SHIVA ROSE Sea Siren body scrub, $65 at (for getting the dead skin off)
five. MOON JUICE SuperBeauty, $60 at (beauty from within)
six. REJUVENATE WITH NOUSHA The Reset, $110 at (my beauty guru’s new CBD product)
seven. GOOP BEAUTY GoopGlow body luminizer, $48 at (makes your skin glow and smells lovely)
eight. BEAUTYBIO Glopro micro needling regeneration tool, $249 at (this I think has saved my skin over the covid 19 when I wasn’t able to go get any treatments)
nine. BEAUTY COUNTER Countersun mineral sunscreen SPF30, $39 at ( favorite sunscreen for years but do reapply)
ten. PRATIMA Healing Neem oil, $42 at  (good for everything and smells so good)

eleven. SUSANNE KAUFMANN Eye cream line A, $251 at (best eyecream I have ever used…not 100% this one is clean)
twelve. MAVE NEW YORK The razor, $75 at ( the prettiest shaving tool )



 Photograph by Julie Adams via the Wardrobe Icons Feature