Cardio Dance Party + Q&A with Kate of @eatplayliftoc

Getting sick of your at-home workout routine? (Ugh, us too TBH). We’ve got all the fun fitness inspo you need right here! We recently caught up with local fitness trainer Kate Coburn of @eatplayliftoc as she took over our account to host a Cardio Dance Party, and yes – it was just as fun as it sounds. Save the workout here for your next sweat sesh, and read up on Kate’s health and wellness tips below! 

Tell us a little more about yourself! Where are you from & what do you do?

I am originally from NY, and moved to Southern California November 2017 with my now fiancé! I work as an account manager for a financial services company and have been a group fitness instructor for 10 years. I currently teach my signature workout class, Cardio Dance Party, in Orange County, CA (at studios when they are open) and virtually through my Instagram account @eatplayliftOC.

Did you always have an interest in health and fitness?

I grew up dancing since I was 5 years old, and was also involved in sports growing up. When I went away to college (Clemson University), I really missed being involved with dancing and sports, and thankfully discovered group fitness. Zumba was my first introduction to workout classes and I fell in love! I am also fortunate that growing up, my mom always cooked well-balanced, healthy meals.

What’s your favorite workout/workout move right now?

My favorite workout is honestly my Cardio Dance Party class! I designed it so that every single class is different, and everyone starts as a beginner, so it is fun, approachable, and always fresh! I have so much fun choreographing new moves for every class. This is my favorite way to get my cardio in!

What do you eat in a typical day?

I recently took a food sensitivity test and really have zoned in on my eating, which in turn, has finally helped my stomach aches, bloating, etc. For breakfast, I usually eat oatmeal with cooked berries or a smoothie (frozen berries, almond butter, ½ banana, cinnamon, maca).

My favorite lunch is a warm salad bowl; spinach, arugula, sweet potato cubes, ground turkey, ¼ avocado, red peppers, and olives with olive oil, ½ lemon, garlic salt and pepper!

My favorite dinner is salmon cooked in the air fryer, quinoa, and a vegetable (usually brussels sprouts, asparagus, or broccoli). Favorite dessert is homemade vegan chocolate cookies; 1 ripe banana, 1/3 cup of oats, 2 tbsp of almond butter, 1 tsp of vanilla, baking soda, and dark chocolate chips!

What do you love most about your fitness community?

My fitness community is so supportive and has grown so much during quarantine. I started teaching my Cardio Dance class on Instagram live in March multiple times a week. It has been so much fun to get messages from people saying that my class has been the highlight of their day, or to get tagged in pictures/videos of people taking my class at home. People all over the country have been able to take my class from the comfort of their home. It has been an adjustment teaching from home and on Instagram, but I’m so grateful to have stayed connected with my community through social media. As a community, we have also raised thousands of dollars for organizations like Feeding American, Frontline Donations, NAACP LDF, and more.

What’s one random fact about you that most people don’t know?

I was a cheerleader in high school and after two years, I made the switch to Varsity Basketball! My Varsity Basketball team really challenged my athleticism, and taught me so much about teamwork and grit!

Leggings + sneakers, or dress + heels?

You will find me in leggings and sneakers almost every day, but one of my favorite things to do is get dressed up and go out to dinner. I love any excuse to get dressed up, and am usually the one that is ‘over-dressed’ out of my friends!

What are you binge watching right now?

Truthfully, I’m not a big TV person at all. The last series I watched fully was the Michael Jordan documentary, ‘The Last Dance’ with my fiancé, and I really loved it.

Favorite travel destination?

My favorite trip that I’ve taken is Greece. My fiancé and I went August 2019 to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. It was our dream vacation that we had been talking about and planning for a long time. It was the perfect combination of great food, exploration, adventure, rest, and recharge.

Bikini or one piece?

I have the longest torso lol so one-piece bathing suits are hard for me to find. Bikinis are my fav!

What’s your “L” right now?

Leisurely walks! I have loved getting outside for a walk around my neighborhood. Because I work from home, I spend a lot of time inside, so leisurely walks outside is a great change on scenery!