Bella Thomas

Bella Thomas is an artist who I have admired for quite sometime!  She is a natural behind the camera as well as in front.  Creating beautiful works through perspective and movement. 


To you, Marysia is…

Marysia is an excuse for a holiday! All the pieces are so inspiring. 


What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I absolutely love the Zuma Bikini and La Jolla Bottom.  It is so flattering on the body. I also love the Euboea Dress in Black. 


What is your style advice for packing on vacation?

Pack light, only bring what you need.  I also love to bring a few things that I don’t always wear at home so I can play with new styles I’ve been wanting to try.


Your 5 essentials for a warm weather getaway?

Swimmers, light weight dresses, sarongs, a beach bag & water bottle.


Where do you find your style inspiration

I love exploring different cultures and eras of dressing.


What is your favorite spot for vacation?

Mallorca –  the landscape is pure magic.


Any upcoming travel that you are particularly excited about?

I do plan on doing Europe again next year.  I’d love to also visit Kerela in India where my family is from.




What is your favorite recipe for feeling great inside and out?

A plant base curry -always so nourishing. 


Any tips to staying healthy while enjoying the pleasures and indulgences during the holidays/vacations?

I always love to source their local produce and I’m always trying new things. I’m all for indulging on holidays!!


Entrepreneurship – Best advice for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Trust your gut. 


One thing you couldn’t live without? 

Oprah’s super soul conversations podcast.