Back To School Survival Guide

one. GREATER GOODS Marshmellow Bon-Bons, $18 at these are delicious and for me feel as if I had a small glass of wine …CBD is no psychoactive and a nice way to take the edge off between stressful zoom calls or managing a house full of them.
two. LORD JONES Royal CBD Oil, $100 at  This is the stronger less calorie way to chill…read more in Fleur Marche’s website about dosing and getting your body used to this so that it works even better after a certain period of using it daily.
three. MOON JUICE SuperYou, $49 at
This you can buy on our website and is my must have!  I started taking these when they first came out last year and after a week of regular intake I could really feel the difference in my stress level.  
four. MOON JUICE SuperBeauty, $60 at
Great for your skin to get that extra glow. It also helps reduce fine lines and keeps my skin looking refreshed.
five. THE GOOD PATCH Hemp Period Patch, $12 at
This is awesome!  Not only does it help with the pain but the other symptoms that come with that time a month.  My 13 year old loves it too:)
six. SAINT JANE BEAUTY CBD Beauty Serum, $125 at
All time treat that calm your face and smells sooo good
sevenMOON JUICE SuperHair, $60 at
The ultimate multivitamin for your hair. If you’re looking to grow thicker and healthier hair, definitely try this out! You should see results within 4 weeks if you stick with it.

eight. FLEUR MARCHE Le Calm Kit, $145 at  

Amazing gift for your friend who’s having a hard time during this cover craziness