5 Fitness Moves To Target Your Booty at Home

A summer without travel has meant lots of time to perfect our at-home workout game, thanks to creative Instagram Live fitness instructors like Remy Kam! She recently took over our IG for a 30-minute HIIT Booty + Core class which you can check out here now. 

Need a little more inspo for your next living room sweat sesh? We’ve got you covered – keep reading as Remy walks you through her 5 favorite fitness moves to target your booty!

Fitness instructor Remy Kam wearing L*Space

When doing legs with only body weight, Remy says she loves working unilaterally (one leg at a time) because it increases the challenge by loading all of your weight onto one leg, and also forces you to engage your core to balance through each move. Add in some pulses for the last 15 seconds of each move if you want a bonus burn!

Do two rounds of the below and switch the leading leg for the repeat round:

Fitness instructor Remy Kam demonstrating the reverse lunge

Reverse Lunges are one of my favorite exercises – great for working the posterior chain (back of your body) and strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. Stand upright and take a big step backwards with your left foot, your back leg will bend towards the floor just hovering above it. Make sure your right knee is directly over your right ankle and your right thigh (front leg) parallel to the floor. You want to feel power in your right heel pressing into the floor engaging your right glute (under booty) as you stand tall and then lower back down. Your right leg is the one working this movement and for the second round you will switch working your left leg.

Fitness instructor Remy Kam demonstrating the curtsy lunge workout move

Curtsy lunges also target the glutes because as you cross one leg back and diagonally, the stationary leg will fire up. You will also feel this in your hip abductors to target the outer thighs and side booty. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and take a big step back with your left leg cross it behind your right at a diagonal. Bend your knees and lower your hips finding a 90 degree angle with both legs, keep your shoulders tall and hips square, and use your front leg to press into the ground and activate your left glutes to stand and then lower again. Your right leg is the one working this movement and for the second round you will switch working your left leg.

Fitness instructor Remy Kam demonstrating the lateral lunge workout move

I love throwing in some side to side movements, and these lateral lunges specifically target the outer and inner thighs. Stand tall with your feet parallel and take a big step out to the right side keeping your torso as upright as possible and sit into your leading leg keeping it bent at a 90 degree angle, with your right knee in line with your right ankle. For the second round, repeat leading with the left leg!

Fitness instructor Remy Kam demonstrating the squat alternating to reverse lunge workout move

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and dial your feet into the floor and feel your core engaged. As you bend your knees, push your hips back like you’re sitting in a chair while still keeping that upper body tall, but not arching in the back. Once your thighs are parallel to the floor drive through your heels and push yourself up to standing, engaging your hamstrings and glutes. Extend the left leg back and repeat the reverse lunge we did in Move #1. Alternate the Squat to Reverse Lunge on one side. For the second round, repeat with the other leg!

Fitness instructor Remy Kam demonstrating the single leg bridge workout move

Single Leg Bridges are one of the toughest moves isolating your glutes and hamstrings and asking your body to press and hold your whole body weight up against gravity. If this ever feels like too much, just place both of your feet on the ground for a regular Glute Bridge. Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and arms by your side. Extend the left leg long towards the ceiling and press through your right heel to lift up from the floor, engaging your core and squeezing through the back of your legs and booty. Slowly lower back down using your hamstrings, glutes, and core to control the movement. For the second round, repeat with the other leg!


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