2019 Trendy Shades


Every girl has her fav pair of shades that compliments any outfit and offers great coverage when we don’t have any makeup on. A good pair of sunglasses not only makes a fabulous accessory but offers protection to your eyes. They can get very pricy… luckily; I have found great steals and deals on chic, polarized frames.

See Nordstrom’s Fit Guide to help find the most flattering lenses for your face shape.

Mirrored sunglasses are this year’s summer staple and I have a feeling this style will stay around for a while.



Now, if you’re not giddy about any of the styles above and you can fork out some extra cash, then check out my newest obsession here. Pairing the mirrored lenses with the retro style frame can make any outfit fabulous.

I highly recommend shopping at Sunglass Hut when splurging on shades. They’ve always been very helpful when it comes to fixing scratched lenses and replacing missing parts. They also offer “oops coverage” which gives you 50% off a new pair if you damage them within one year.

Next week I will be searching for deals on activewear!