15 Black Fitness Content Creators To Follow Now, & Always

It’s no secret that this year has brought to light the issue of systemic racism – something that unfortunately existed before 2020 and that we will continue to fight against in the future. We as a brand have taken an honest look at our shortcomings when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and we are actively taking steps to expand representation on our site, in our marketing, and within our L*Space community!
Your Instagram feed is a prime example of a place where you may not even realize systemic racism is happening. Do you only see white influencers on your Explore page? Is your Following list well, a little whitewashed? The fitness space on social media is vast, with tons of amazing “fitfluencers” creating engaging content that will inspire, educate, and motivate you! We’re diversifying our feed and you should, too. 
Here are 15 (of many!) Black fitness influencers you need in your Instagram feed:

A certified personal trainer, Princeton grad, and oh yeah – a Team USA athlete for Track & Field, Jasmine Blocker is pretty much the definition of #goals! Check out her posts and IGTV channel for a helpful breakdown of different at-home fitness circuits you can try. 

Lencola Green is a Pilates Master Instructor and Carbon38 ambassador. You can find her frequently teaching on their page, incorporating different methods into her fitness classes like yoga and barre. We also love her IGTV videos where she covers foundational Pilates techniques. 

Ariel Belgrave, AKA @gymhooky, is all about getting fit without having to set foot inside a gym (pretty perfect for 2020). In addition to being a Tone It Up instructor, she also hosts her own online workouts from her site – seriously, how fun does a Trap Werkout class sound? Sign us up!

Danielle Acoff is a certified yoga instructor, but she actually began her career as a dancer (fun fact: she was one of the iconic Fanta girls!). It’s no wonder her yoga inspo is all about grace and fluidity. She also posts amazing tutorials – we recommend referencing one of her at-home mat workouts for your next sweat sesh. 

Lauren recently took over our Instagram Live for a barre class and it was serious fun (and a serious workout)! She’s the founder of The Graceful Strength Method, which is a fusion of ballet barre, high intensity cardio, and yoga. Check out her page for more fitness inspo, and try out the ballet barre class she hosted for us here

Amina Barnes is a certified personal trainer, spin instructor, and busy mama. She uses her platform as a health diary, sharing how she juggles her wellness journey with family life. The only thing better than an inspirational fitfluencer? One who’s actually relatable! 

If you’re more of YouTube fitness gal, you’ll be just as obsessed with Deja Riley’s workouts as we are. She covers everything from dance routines to HIIT and boxing classes – and she’s also on Instagram, posting IGTV classes and sharing snippets into her life. You’ll love her upbeat personality and infectious spirit! 

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And be sure to do our 45 Minute Ballet Barre class with Lauren Arps