10 things you WOULD LIKE TO KNOW about Jyo Shankar

Jyo Shankar is a Real Mermaid who loves to travel and share her experience while navigating through the world. With the help of her husband (an official photographer, web-designer and blog partner) she creates beautiful content in outstanding scenarios. Jyo compliments photography with travel guides, tips and amazing recommendations. Perfect for anyone thinking about jumping in a tropical trip soon!

She shares her creations through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her website.

Here are 10 thing you need to know about her greatest passion: TRAVELING.


1) How do you pick your destinations?

I love the saying “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list!” This beautiful world is so vast and there’s so much to see so I am eager to visit it all. But that being said, I do tend to gravitate towards warm tropical destinations for the most part. I am a total tropical girl at heart and the beach is my happy place. But that doesn’t mean I won’t travel to a fun city or a beautiful mountainscape. I have a list of countries I want to visit, and I always try to go down that list one at a time.

2) What is something you always travel with?

My passport and camera – 2 essentials I can’t travel without. I love capturing my travels and sharing it with my audience. The way I like to take shots is to take it in a way to invoke that sense of wanderlust in my audience to make them want to book that trip to that destination or to aspire to go there someday.

3) How do you stay safe when traveling?

My husband is my travel partner and we both always go through a safety checklist before every trip. Traveling is fun and exciting, but visiting a new destination always comes with its own cautions. We try and see if there are common “scams” in that place to see if that’s something we can avoid while we are there. As a general rule, like any place in the world, it’s always best to be cautious, aware and street smart about your surroundings. Another thing we always do is to have a digital copy of all our important travel documents as well as let someone back home (an emergency contact) know of our itinerary.

4) How do you stay so healthy when traveling?

Fitness is a big part of my regimen, whether or not I’m traveling. I’m always trying to workout and keep my fitness routine to the T and eat clean for the most part, even when I travel. I try to take exercise bands and throw in a quick workout even if its just 20 minutes inside my hotel room or be active like go on a hike or walk around a city instead of taking cabs. I’m addicted to fitness so I can’t take a break :). As for food, of course when I go to a destination I will try the local cuisine cos that’s such a huge part of the overall travel experience; but I always try and portion control.

5) What’s your favorite sunscreen?

Wearing a good broad spectrum sunblock is my no 1 beauty essential every single day. The Supergoop unseen sunscreen is my absolute fave face sunscreen – cos its invisible, weightless and perfect to be worn under makeup. For body – I love the Supergoop Sunsreen mousse or the glow stick – they are both so easy to apply.

6) What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation?

I’m not one to relax on vacation 🙂 and I love being a busy-body. I always start my day early so that we get the most of the day. I love being out and about exploring the highlights of the destination – whether it’s the beaches, other nature spots, cool alleys, chatting with locals, trying out yummy local eats, etc.

7) What are your most memorable beaches from your latest trip?

From my recent travels my fave beaches were One Foot island in the Cook Islands and Darkwood Beach in Antigua.

8) What’s your #1 travel tip?

I was recently on a travel panel with Tripadvisor with other fellow travel content creators and most of us had a very similar travel tip to share – as much as you plan your trip (which is essential for sure) definitely talk to locals (maybe your cab driver, someone at a local restaurant, a concierge at your hotel, a shopkeeper, etc) and find out their must do’s or “hidden gems” of the destination. Locals are a great resource for finding out spots and places that no travel guide online might be able to suggest for you ;)!

9) What’s on your 2020 travel bucket list?

I would love to visit Peru, Tanzania, Tahiti, Croatia and so much more! These are all on my bucket list 🙂 can’t wait to see what 2020 actually has in store.

10) What do you love most about Maaji?

I love the versatility and incredible fit of Maaji! Especially love their reversible swimsuits – in every trip I will always pack at least 1 or 2 reversible swimsuits, so that I can have more looks with just 1 bikini set! Also love their pareos as you can wear it in so many ways – like a scarf, coverup, etc.Would you like to know about more about our Real Mermaids? Let us know in a comment!!

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